Fibre network provider

A fibre connection at home brings so much awesome, you’ll never be bored again. With the fast, reliable internet that fibre offers, you can enjoy home fibre to your heart’s content.

Fibre at home gives you access to fast, stable, reliable internet so
you can enjoy awesome activities, including:

  • Streaming TV series, movies and other online content via Netflix, Showmax, DStv Now, YouTube and more.

  • Streaming your favourite music via Spotify, Apple Music, digital radio and more.

  • Take your online gaming to the next level with a stable and high-speed connection.

  • Teleconference with Skype/Zoom or chat via WhatsApp with friends, colleagues and relatives.

  • Work from your home without delays or downtime if you are working remotely.

Fibre to the business

As a business, staying connected is essential. A reliable, high-speed internet connection (up to 200 Mbps) will allow you to perform at your peak and take your business further.

Fibre to the business benefits include:

  • Share large files and documents

  • Perform data-intensive tasks online

  • Reduce your phone bills through VOIP services

  • Archive completed projects and important documents in the cloud

  • Teleconference with clients and colleagues

Fibre services

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