Linteg Fibre offers an elegant solution for complexes and estates to supply your DStv television signal via a centralised dish, removing the need for unsightly TV satellite dishes on each residence.

This solution greatly improves the estate/complex’s overall aesthetics while providing a stable TV signal unaffected by bad weather. A TV installer authorised and vetted by Linteg Fibre will be assigned to install your centralised DStv solution.

Our solution comprises:

  • A central satellite dish and head-end central TV equipment.

  • Fibre and a fibre-to-coax converter box installed into each apartment.

The benefits include:

  • A reliable and high-quality television signal that is unaffected by poor weather.

  • Savings for each resident as it will eliminate the need for a satellite dish for their unit.

  • Improve the aesthetics of your complex or estate by having only one central dish.

  • An added marketing feature for owners who want to sell or rent their unit.

DSTV connectivity

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